Armed with bravery, a good deal of detective shrewdness, tablet, smartphone or flyer you start chasing the thief of Joseph "Jo" Haydns first opera! You can set off on this adventurous journey on your own or with a team, totally independent of opening hours and FREE OF CHARGE.

In this innovative VIRTUAL WALK 13 suspects will be presented to you. By answering questions you'll be able to declare 12 of them innocent to capture the culprit.  This concept is unique in it's own way.  "Jo" himself joins you on your journey exploring Eisenstadt, Joseph Haydn's former domain.

On our website (right here) you get all nescessary informations to start the Haydnwalk-App. Jo will generously support you on your journey - of course not totally unselfish, because Joseph Haydn cared a lot about his money! Solve the riddles, catch the thief and enjoy the beauty of Eisenstadt’s sights! 



It's easy-peasy:

Click on the Button "WALKtheHAYDNwalk" below and you'll be directed to the walk. 
You need to have a connection to the internet! As there is free WLAN on the "Hauptstraße" this should’t be a problem! Have a quick look at the instruction guides for Android and iOS:



1.) Click the button "WALKtheHAYDNwalk" - on Android tablets/mobile phones you'll get a small overlay, asking you to add the website to your homesreen. Click "yes".

2.) Find the Haydnwalk-button on your Smartphone’s homescreen and "Walk the Haydnwalk". 
As this is a "Progressive Web-App", nothing beside this button will be installed on your mobile device!




1.) On Apple devices simply click on the "WALKtheHAYDNwalk"-button and walk the walk using your web-browser.

IMPORTANT: Remember to hold your mobile in landscape-mode!